Homeless Shelter Packs

We provide packs to people who are street homeless and are not able to access Calderwood House. These packs consist of a tent and a winter sleeping bag in a rucksack. We source these locally and each pack usually costs around £80.00. We give out approximately around 12 – 15 of these per year.       

Calderwood House is an abstinence-based project which means that some homeless people are not suitable for this shared accommodation. Sadly, this means that not everyone is offered a place. In addition, the cost-of-living crisis has contributed to Calderwood House often being full to capacity for long periods of time. Again, this sometimes means that we are unable to offer a place to some homeless people.

We will always refer anyone who accesses our shelter packs to our local housing options team who work tirelessly to ensure that everyone has a safe place to stay at night.

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Time to Change wouldn’t be able to do half the things we do without the support and backing of our local communities. The generosity of individuals, community groups and businesses in West Cumbria has enabled us to continue to grow our Calderwood House project as well as numerous other initiatives that support those in need. To be able to continue caring for people who need it most, we rely on your continued support and generosity.

There are many ways you can get involved and help keep Time to Change moving forward. From a one-off donation to regular donations by direct debit, legacy gifts or corporate fundraising for us, every penny donated goes straight back into our projects, helping to provide life-saving support for many. Other ways you can contribute include taking action and joining our cause and volunteering for us. We rely on volunteers, in addition to residents, to help run Calderwood House, to sell our fundraising coffee and candles and to spread the word at events. Other projects such as the McKenzie Friend Support Service wouldn’t be possible without the time given by volunteers. Help us continue to do what we do best by joining our mission for change.

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