Time To Change West Cumbria began with the aims of reducing homelessness in West Cumbria but we didn’t stop there. After opening Calderwood House in 2015 we have continued to identify groups of people in need in West Cumbria and have set about introducing schemes to support them. Calderwood House continues to help homeless people get back on their feet and as an offshoot of that we have introduced Caldwood Coffee to help raise vital funds for Time To Change as well as to equip the residents of Calderwood House with new skills, confidence and opportunities to turn their lives around. 

Whilst we continue to offer shelter to those who need it, we have also launched multiple other schemes to help people in West Cumbria in different ways, from homesless shelter packs that include tents and sleeping bags to grab bags for women escaping from abusive relationships, an emergency fund that offers vital resources for those in dire need and projects to support new mothers and single parent families. Read on to find out more about all the ways we care for and support people in West Cumbria.

Calderwood House

Calderwood House is a 10 bed hostel that provides shelter and team support for homesless people in West Cumbria. With the right support, and each resident’s own commitment, we help them into permanent accommodation and employment. Our outreach work ensures that they are assisted and encouraged as they move forward to the next positive step in their lives.

Calderwood Coffee

Calderwood Coffee

Calderwood Coffee was an initiative set up to raise vital funds to help us tackle homelessness. With every purchase and every conversation sparked around Calderwood Coffee, you actively help us bring someone in from the cold and guide them towards a better future. You can now buy our coffee online and we offer free click and collect for local residents.

Person comforting another person

McKenzie Friend

When someone is involved in a civil legal case involving their children and they do not have a solicitor or barrister, they are entitled to assistance in court. This is called a McKenzie friend. Our Time To Change McKenzie Friend scheme offers free support and guidance for women in West Cumbria who are going through family court or have children’s service involvement.

Emergency Fund

Our emergency fund is operated from our head quarters and is a project where we step in to support people who find themselves in financial difficulties with an emergency need. This service provides things like white goods, locksmiths, food vouchers, clothing, security products, electric and gas top ups etc. 

Grab Bags

Grab Bags

We run a grab bag scheme from our HQ where we make up and store bags available to women fleeing domestic abuse. The bags include a mobile phone, clothes such as underwear, nightwear and daytime clothes, sanitary and hygiene products. We have supported 16 women through this project over the past 12 months.

Homeless Shelter Packs

Homeless Shelter Packs

We provide packs to people who are street homeless and are not able to access Calderwood House. These packs include a tent and a sleeping bag as well as vital resources to help them survive living outdoors. In a perfect world we’d love to offer a bed to everyone who needs one but when this is not possible we do what we can to ease discomfort and offer support.

Time To Change - HQ

This is a project which focusses on the health and wellbeing of Mums adapting to motherhood. It can be a tough time caring for a newborn, especially if you have other children or dependents needing you too. Mama’s Village aims to provide a safe, nurturing space where struggling mothers can access support from their local community.

Caravan getaway in Cumbria

Away From It All Project

Some single parent families in West Cumbria cannot afford time away from home to take the children away. Working in collaboration with Mothers Union, we provide a caravan to single parents who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford a holiday. This time away from daily life is vital for both parents and children as it is supports family relationships and mental wellbeing.

Coming Soon

Projects in development


Working collaboratively with our local pupil referral unit and a local building firm, together we have created the ASPIRE project which is focussed on raising the aspirations of young people that feel like society have pushed them aside. We help to give them real work skills and experience that will equip them with confidence and life skills for a better future.

Women’s Only

Through the work we do at Calderwood House, and our experience of setting up Women Out West, it has become extremely evident that there is a real need for women only accommodation in West Cumbria. We are looking for partners, sponsors and funders to help make this project a reality. If you want to get involved, please get in touch as we’d love to hear from you.

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